Rock Channel Rye Development Brief

Ended on the 7 September 2007
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Appendix 1 - extract from the Rother District Local Plan

Land adjacent to Rock Channel

This land affords the opportunity for development to contribute to the revitalisation of the town by making effective use of its proximity to the town centre and waterside position, rationalising conflicting land uses and general upgrading of the area. At the same time, it is highly sensitive to change. It forms a key part of the historic setting of the Citadel and is prominent in views to and from the south-east of Rye.

It is concluded that the present mix of land uses is inappropriate in such a significant location, while a higher density of development is also achievable which should help regenerate the town as well as lead to environmental improvements. Such improvements should take advantage of the waterside.

A comprehensive approach to development in this area is required in order to ensure the most effective and efficient use of land and that individual elements contribute to a holistic vision, which also looks to strengthen links with adjacent areas, notably the town centre. The area is allocated for housing, open space, appropriate commercial uses and offices, falling within the A2 and B1 use classes, which should be at a scale appropriate to this mixed-use site close to the town centre. At this stage, it is recognised that a range of further economic, social and environmental appraisals are necessary in order to test and refine these proposals. A 'development brief' is proposed as the most appropriate means of progressing this.

Provision for affordable housing shall be integral to all residential developments to comprise 40% of the total number of dwellings, presently estimated to be 55.

Policy RY3 Land between South Undercliff and Rock Channel Rye as defined on the Proposals Map, is allocated for housing, , open space and appropriate commercial uses. Detailed proposals will be formulated through a comprehensive Development Brief. This should provide for:

  1. selective redevelopment that makes efficient and effective use of the land;
  2. high density housing, including 40% affordable housing;
  3. commercial uses that complement the town's tourism and marine functions together with suitable office uses;
  4. a riverside walk capable of linking to Strand Quay and the Fishmarket site;
  5. a suitable alternative site for the allotments in the event of their relocation;
  6. improved access and parking arrangements, as well as pedestrian links to the town centre;
  7. the timing of development related to the completion of planned flood protection works.

Development proposals in this area will only be permitted where they accord with the above principles, form part of comprehensive proposals for its redevelopment and renewal, and be subject to further assessment of their regeneration benefits, environmental and transport implications.

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