Rock Channel Rye Development Brief

Ended on the 7 September 2007
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145. As acknowledged elsewhere in the brief, the achievement of the objectives for the Rock Channel area is contingent upon landowners bringing sites forward for development. Sites are likely to come forward on an incremental basis over a number of years, although there are obvious advantages in land-owners working together to produce comprehensive proposals for adjoining sites.

146. Planning applications should demonstrate that the proposals accord with the Development Principles in this brief. The Council's Statement of Community Involvement advises on the benefit of applicants undertaking pre-application consultation with the local community and developers are advised to take account of this advice.

147. As the majority of the area is already developed, there may be incidents of localised land contamination (e.g. oil deposits) resulting from a site's previous use. Activities such as the digging of foundations could cause any such contamination to disperse into adjacent areas or into watercourses unless appropriate measures are taken.

148. In cases where there is a reasonable possibility of pre-existing ground contamination, planning applications for redevelopment must be submitted with an assessment of both the ground conditions and the remediation measures that will be put in train to address any identified contamination.

149. The content of the brief have not as yet been subject to a viability assessment. This will be done as a means of confirming the proposals within it, following on from the public consultation process.

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