Rock Channel Rye Development Brief

Ended on the 7 September 2007
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Objectives for the Area

11. The policy area includes the sweep of land between Strand Quay and The Salts which is contained by Rock Channel and the River Tillingham. It is a defined and identifiable part of Rye. Redevelopment must seek to maximise the potential of the site as a vibrant, attractive area and an asset to the town.

12. The objectives for the redevelopment of the area are to ensure that:

  1. More efficient and effective use of land is made through selective redevelopment

    The greatest majority of the area (excluding the allotments) has already been developed but parts appear underused.

  2. Conflicting land uses are rationalised

    Uses in the area has evolved over time with the result that some residential properties are in close proximity to established industrial businesses.

  3. The overall design quality of the area is raised - buildings and public spaces - consistent with the setting of the nationally important conservation area and its landscape context

    Some of the existing buildings, by virtue of their scale, character and appearance, detract from the setting of the Citadel and impact on views to and from it.

  4. A mix and disposition of active uses in the area is established which encourage improved public use of the area and which take greater benefit from the riverside location

    Some existing uses contribute to the character of the area, including the existing housing, as well as businesses which make active use of their location close to the river and the maritime activities associated with it. In contrast some of the businesses do not appear to need to be close to the riverside for their operations. They do not seem to exploit their riverside location or their relative proximity to the heart of the town.

    The allotments serve as a valuable green space within the heart of the area. Tourist activity in Rye tends to be focused in the Citadel and in the Strand Quay area and a change in the balance of uses within the Rock Channel area could help to further draw such activity towards the riverside and represent an opportunity to capitalise further on Rye's maritime heritage.

  5. Better pedestrian connections through the area are established and also better connections between the Rock Channel area and Strand Quay and the Salts, and thereby with the town centre and the Citadel.

    There is an opportunity to generally improve public access into and through the area, and particularly to the riverside. Whilst there is already a public footpath through the area, improvements could be make it a more attractive and coherent link between the Strand Quay area to the Fishing Quay and The Salts.

Objectives for the Area - Sustainability Appraisal

In combination, the objectives registered positive outcomes against 16 of the 26 sustainability criteria and generally neutral effects against the remaining 10. An area of uncertainty is the impact of Objective 1 on road congestion and pollution. The area is well located relative to existing facilities which could reduce the need to travel by car. However the cumulative impact of redevelopment on this factor is also contingent on whether HGV movements are reduced or relocated.

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