Proposed Submission Core Strategy

Ended on the 11 November 2011
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All policies in the Rother District Local Plan were saved upon the Plan’s adoption in July 2006. The following policies will be superseded by policies in the Core Strategy DPD:

RDLP Policy

Chapter 4 – Development Strategy

Policy DS1 Development principles

Policy DS2 Overall spatial strategy

Policy DS4 Proposals outside development boundaries

Chapter 5 – General Development Considerations

Policy GD1 General development criteria

Policy GD2 – Availability of Infrastructure and services

Chapter 6 – Housing Developments

Policy HG1 Affordable housing

Policy HG2 Affordable housing outside development boundaries

Policy HG3 Housing mix

Policy HG4 Principles of sustainable residential environments

Policy HG6 Sites for gypsies and travelling showpeople

Policy HG10 New dwellings in the countryside

Policy HG11 Residential re-use and adaptation of buildings in the countryside

Chapter 7 – Community Facilities

Policy CF1 New community facilities

Policy CF2 Safeguarding of community facilities

Policy CF3 Proposals for sports and recreation facilities

Chapter 8 – Transport Developments

Policy TR2 Improvements to sustainable transport

Policy TR3 Provision of parking facilities

Chapter 9 – Employment Developments

Policy EM1 New business development including through mixed uses

Policy EM2 Retention of employment sites and buildings

Policy EM3 Employment, including tourism, use of rural buildings in the countryside

Policy EM6 Businesses in residential areas

Policy EM7 New and extended tourist attractions and visitor facilities

Policy EM9 Tourist accommodation

Policy EM11 Occupation of holiday chalets, static and touring caravans

Policy EM14 Retail development outside town and district centres

Policy EM15 Retail development in within town and village development boundaries

Chapter 10 – Bexhill

Policy BX1 Planning strategy for Bexhill

Chapter 11 – Battle

Policy BT1 Planning strategy for Battle

Chapter 12 – Rye and Rye Harbour

Policy RY1 Planning strategy for Rye

Policy RY2 Planning strategy for Rye Harbour

Note 1: The progress of development allocations in the Rother District Local Plan will be reviewed as part of preparation of the Development and Site Allocations DPD.
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