Employment Land and Premises

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Core Strategy Consultation on Strategy Directions 2008

Representation ID: 20483

Received: 11/11/2008

Respondent: Courtley Consultants Ltd

Agent: Courtley Consultants Ltd


Strong resistence to loss of existing employment sites. A defensive and strict criteria should be set out to resist Change of Use to Housing in Rural Areas.

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para b) does not accord with PPS3 in that it is not appropriate to allow any private housing to " incentive" affordable housing Exception sites. By definition the sites are released to meet local need!

Housing Mix
(a)The housing mix should relate to the housing market assessment. No reference is made to the Council's assessment of market need in this policy.This is contray to Para (b) were the housing mix is determined by the HMA and the LHN Survey

(viii) the loss of suitable employment sites like the Mill site at Robertsbridge should be strongly resisted. A strict critera on "viability" should be set out ie on marketing, alternative local employment opportunities, Council support,demand and supply etc. Like most land uses once the change of use is restricted the owner will often provide the viability themselves.