Map 2 - Bexhill and Hastings Fringes Inset Diagram

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Core Strategy Consultation on Strategy Directions 2008

Representation ID: 19465

Received: 24/02/2009

Respondent: Fairlight Parish Council

Representation Summary:

Paras 6.40 to 6.54 Hastings Fringes.
Para 6.41 provides - "It is also important to retain effective countryside gaps between Hastings ... and the nearby villages." Box 11(a)(iii) page 47 specifically refers to "...long term and effective countryside gaps between Hastings and ... Fairlight"
Map 2 inset shows the Hastings / Fairlight gap at a rather small scale. We support the gap in principle, but would like clarification of its precise extent and would welcome an opportunity to comment further.