Landscape Stewardship

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Core Strategy Consultation on Strategy Directions 2008

Representation ID: 19805

Received: 30/01/2009

Respondent: East Sussex County Council


Whilst it is welcome that the strategy has regard, and refers, to the County Landscape Assessment 2007; this is no longer a draft document. It should also refer to the regional strategy for landscape character, Countryside Character Volume 7 South East and London, The Countryside Agency 1999.

The strategy should refer to the High Weald Management Plan 2004 and HWMP Review 2009, and aim to Conserve, enhance and manage the high quality historic, built and natural landscape character.

Some reference should be made in this section to Green Infrastructure and or Multifunctional green networks as these can bring together the various elements listed in i) to )ix
Clause iii) Should refer to historic designated landscapes as well as those that are registered.